Review And Audit

We at Wenour, provide unique Medical Coding Solution to grow your business with us at one-stop. Our Professionals are available to provide optimal and effective solutions for Providers, Patients, and financial health. Wenour medical coding services help healthcare providers optimize revenue while minimizing compliance risk. Our comprehensive knowledge of revenue cycle best practices, sharp focus on specialties, and advanced workflow management system, delivers expert, predictable results.

Key Advantage of Wenour

  • Extremely Qualified, Professional Medical Coding team that is dedicated to provide the best solution for your account
  • A comprehensive method tailored to your specific policies and protocols
  • We provide client service, education, and know all aspects of the revenue cycle at one platform.
  • The proprietary advancement management system that supports the cryptography method and tracks each record, code, and status
  • A solution which supports compliance and accurate code assignment.
  • A solution to support charge entry designed to eliminate manual processes and errors by systematically.