Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription

Not solely is your knowledge is very sensitive, you wish unflawed transcripts, quick turnarounds, and also the best medical transcription hourly rate. Wenour provides all of this to medical researchers, doctors, hospitals, clinics, and attention professionals around the world. Our experienced team of medical transcriptionists, IT professionals, and English specialists have transcribed dictation recordings into text used for analysis, medical reports, correspondence, discharge papers, autopsy reports, medical review, surgery notes, and more.

Why opt for Wenour?

Superior Quality

Wenour offers Superior Quality incomparable experience and accuracy. we have a tendency to use extremely experienced medical transcriptionists focused on your specialty. And our rigorous system of quality assurance checks permits America to realize ninety-nine accuracy with every and each transcript.

Rapid Turnarounds

Our team of medical transcriptionists and quality analysts works round the clock. Wenour ensures that the job is going to be completed at intervals the agreed-upon work time. Your error-free documents can arrive once you expect them, and that they can adhere to all or any of your such necessities.

Supreme Security

We perceive that in your field quite others, security and privacy area unit of primary importance. To demonstrate our commitment to confidentiality, we have a tendency to area unit ISO/IEC-certified for having established a sturdy data Security Management System that guarantees that your knowledge is often treated with the best security and integrity.

Medical transcription has quickly become an enormous time, cash and resource-saver for practices and attention professionals. the method of dictating through voice, and so having trained medical transcriptionists quickly flip audio into text format, permits those operating within the medical field to reap the advantages of text-based documentation with none of the value-added effort. Medical transcription is right for several everyday use-cases, together with rising the accuracy and potency of:

  • Operative Reports
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Medical History & Physicals
  • Biomedical Science Drafts & Theses
  • Medical analysis Interviews
  • Consultation Letters
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