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Compliance-Driven Medical Coding Solutions for Optimal Revenue Cycle Management

Wenour, offers compliance-driven medical coding services tailored for hospitals, health systems, physician groups, and clinics, ensuring precise coding to maximize revenue and streamline operations.


Optimize revenue with Wenour’s exceptional medical billing, coding, DME billing, audit management, patient service center, and white label solutions.

Medical Coding

Our unique Medical Coding Solutions are designed to help grow your business. Our professionals are available to ensure accurate and efficient coding processes.

DME Billing

We provide end-to-end DME billing services, including patient benefits and eligibility verification, same and similar verification, and authorization requests.

Review And Audit

When it comes to healthcare audit management, our focus is on benchmarking, training, and improving processes to ensure compliance and efficiency.

Patient Service Center

We understand the importance of excellent patient service. That's why we provide highly talented, qualified, and compassionate professionals to support your patients' needs.

White Label Solutions

Our white label medical billing solutions offer a revolutionary approach to medical billing. We provide fully functional white label solutions to enhance your brand and efficiency.

Marketing Addons

Enhance your brand with Wenour's comprehensive suite of marketing solutions tailored for the medical industry.

About Wenour

We are the team, we work for you, we always try to construct a bridge between you and us.

Wenour, a company that provides comprehensive RCM solution to Physicians, DME Suppliers, and Hospitals so that they can devote their valuable time seeing patient.


Why Wenour Medical Coding?

Partnering with Wenour Medical Coding will relieve administrative burdens and support a healthy revenue cycle so you can focus on what matters most — delivering excellent patient care.

Improved Medical Billing

Dedicated, certified medical coders use advanced tools and software to enter the right codes to bill the right amount for each diagnosis and treatment.

Increased Revenue

Entering the correct medical code for each treatment makes a significant difference in reimbursements, increasing coverage and revenue from $20 to $2,000.

Fewer Claim Rejections

Experience matters. CodeEMR coders work with many different electronic medical records and are well versed in all the latest evaluation and management of ICD-10, HCPCS, and CPT codes.

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